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The Photo Above: The above photo from about 1904 shows the intersection of Third Street and Sutton Ave. on the right. The houses left of center are at the corner of Kedron Ave. and Parker Ave. The Trolley line stopped at Sutton Ave. and went southeast till it met Parker Ave. at Kedron Ave. The John Plant farm wouldn't give the trolleys the right of way which is the reason for the detour. Third Street later was widened when it became MacDade Blvd. and opened in 1931.

Named for Frances Folsom the new wife of then President Grover Cleveland the town opened for real estate sales in late 1886. the original sales company was The Folsom Land Company, headed by lawyer William Henry Sutton and large landowner Thomas T. Tasker. The sales continued until 1894 when the company went out of business. This site features the land records of the Folsom Land Company plus photos and census material. Make sure to Sign or View our Guest Book!


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