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The Photo Above: The Leiperville Hotel on Chester Pike about 1903. Owned and operated by James McLaughlin for many years it was built in the 1830's. The man on the far right is James F. Dougherty (1869 to 1949) a businessman and sports promoter. Dougherty would open up the Colonial Hotel in Leiperville in 1906. Dougherty would sponsor the first Fire Department: J.F. Dougherty Fire Co # 1 and also hold boxing matches. Jack Dempsey trained at the Colonial Hotel in 1918.

Originally named Leiperville for the Leiper Family who conducted quarries nearby and ran several mills in the area. Thomas Leiper built the second railroad in the United States to get stone from his quarries down to Crum Creek were the water was deep enough that the stone could be floated out in boats. Thomas's son George Leiper later build the Leiper Canal for the same purpose. The name Crum Lynne came into existence in the 1870's when the Ridley Lake was formed. The original name for the lake was Crum Lynne, Crum for Crum Creek and Lynne for Lake or waterfall. The name of Leiperville is rarely used today. Make sure to Sign or View our Guest Book!


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